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The destination


The destination

The destination

Located at the bottom of the imperial crown the Val d’ Anniviers, Zinal is a mountain village at more than 1675m above sea level. Its unique panorama surrounded by majestic peaks makes this village an attractive destination for many mountain enthusiasts.

Whether in summer or winter, this mountain resort offers a wide range of activities. The ski resort extends over more than 115km, and is connected to the resort of Grimentz. Off-piste fans will also find their bliss as they have a freeride area at their disposal.

Many other exciting activities can be undertaken such as an expedition to the heart of an ice glacier where you will be able to admire and climb ice waterfalls. You can also explore the only publicly open copper mine in Switzerland.

In summer, Zinal is a real hiking paradise, offering a network of 300km of idyllic nature and wonderful alpine landscapes. Additionally, mountain bike enthousiasts can enjoy overe 150km of bike trails.

Zinal is one of those places you cannot help but admire. Whether you come for a relaxing family holiday or to conquer its mountains, your verdict will be the same: Zinal is truly invigorating !

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